Sunday Mornings

We are a family-friendly collective of redeemed sinners worshiping Jesus as we live, work, and play. We gather in Mid City Baton Rouge to worship and learn.

Equipping Classes meet at 9:30am.

Worship Gathering at 10:45am.


Equipping Classes


Equipping Classes are offered for children, youth, and adults each Sunday morning. 

This year's theme for Equipping Classes is "Vocation & Mission." 

Join us as we study the Scriptures and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Free childcare from birth - 4 years is provided.

  • for the life of the world

    For the Life of the World is a film series that explores the deeper meaning of Salvation. Have you ever wondered, "What is my salvation actually FOR?" Is it only about personal atonement, about getting to heaven, or something that comes later? Is it just to have a "friend in Jesus?"

    Explore how God's purposes are woven into every area of our lives: family, work, art, charity, education, government, recreation, and all creation! The Bible calls us Strangers and Pilgrims, living in the "now and not yet" of God's Kingdom Come on earth. We are also called to be salt and light, to have a transforming presence among our neighbors. In seven 20-minute-ish episodes, you'll learn how our lives lived on earth matter in God's plan for the world.

  • a theology of work and vocation

    From the first verse of the book of Genesis to the present day, we know that God himself is a worker-and that he created us also to work. Although the Lord may not specifically direct us to a particular job, he does want us to strive toward radiating his glory in all aspects of our lives. We need to ask ourselves how we can fulfill the calling of God in every area of our lives - through paid or unpaid work. This study on Calling and Work guides us to the Scriptures to help us answer this important question.

  • friendship class

    Unvarnished Truth: Life's Greatest Story (LifeWay Study)

    WeChurches talk about the importance of evangelism and reaching the lost, but the truth is it is a low priority in the lives of so many Christians. Yet Jesus made it clear how important evangelism is to Him when He told His earliest followers they would be fishers of people (Matt. 4:19). We need to rediscover the unvarnished truth about the gospel and accept the challenge to share our faith as personal soulwinners.

  • youth class - finding the will of god

    Does the bible teach Christians to "find" God's "special will" for their lives? No, it does not, says respected biblical scholar Bruce Waltke, contrary to much popular evangelical teaching. In this acclaimed book Waltke clearly distinguishes between pagan divination ("guessmancy") and solid, Bible-based guidance as he distills from Scripture a six-point program to help guide Jesus followers on their life journey.

  • Nursery, preschool, & children

    Childcare from birth - 4 years is provided during Bible Study in the Nursery.

    Our Children's Class meets each Sunday, and the children are currently going through "The Gospel Project," a 3-year journey through the Bible. This study immerses children in the Gospel through every story, theological concept, and call to mission from Genesis to Revelation.

  • special angels

    Our Special Angels class is designed for adults with various developmental disabilities. In class we pray for one another, read and study a passage of Scripture, and learn how to apply these Biblical truths in everyday situations.

Worship Gathering


We gather Sundays at 10:45am around the Word and table of Christ.

Children are a welcome presence in our worship gathering.

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