Sunday Mornings

We are a family-friendly collective of redeemed sinners worshiping Jesus as we live, work, and play. We gather in Mid City Baton Rouge to worship and learn.

Equipping Classes meet at 9:30am.

Worship Gathering at 10:45am.


Equipping Classes


Equipping Classes are offered for children, youth, and adults each Sunday morning. 

Join us as we study the Scriptures and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Free childcare from birth - 4 years is provided.

  • Men's Class - Exegesis of Titus

    Led by Shane Folks

    Church elders/pastors have the weighty responsibility of teaching sound doctrine and rebuking those who would contradict God's word and divide God's church. They are divinely called to shepherd congregations, feeding the sheep the rich Word of God and guarding the sheep from ravenous wolves. When we read the letter of Titus, we find that congregations in the first century faced many of the same challenges that congregations face today. As such, Paul's letter to Titus is incredibly relevant, because it shows us qualifications for elders/pastors, their role in teaching and rebuking, and the importance of their presence for the purity and doctrinal integrity of the church.

    *Men of all ages, including youth males, are invited to participate in this study.

  • Women's Class - Exegesis of Esther

    Led by Cynthia Townsend

    Ladies! Study this fast, eventful and surprisingly humorous story filled with irony and reversals. This is the book of Esther. Let's explore God's big story, where Esther fits into this grand story, and ultimately where we fit and how we are to live in our place in this story.

    *Women of all ages, including youth females, are invited to participate in this study.

  • Nursery, preschool, & children

    Childcare from birth - 4 years is provided during Equipping Classes in the Nursery.

    Our Children's Class meets each Sunday, and the children are currently going through "The Gospel Project," a 3-year journey through the Bible. This study immerses children in the Gospel through every story, theological concept, and call to mission from Genesis to Revelation.

  • special angels

    Our Special Angels class is designed for adults with various developmental disabilities. In class we pray for one another, read and study a passage of Scripture, and learn how to apply these Biblical truths in everyday situations.

Worship Gathering


We gather Sundays at 10:45am around the Word and table of Christ.

Children are a welcome presence in our worship gathering.

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