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Grace for the Weak

Here you will find the weekly(ish) announcements of what’s going on in our family and our city. 


  • Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM. In the Grace Auditorium, we host an ecumenical and public time of prayer for ourselves, our city, our nation, and our world. We pray for Unity, Peace, and Healing. All are invited. All are welcome.

  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: We are currently on week 6 of an 8 week journey through Peter Scazzero’s course “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. We will offer this course again in 2025. You can read more about this material here.
  • Homeless Breakfast with Holy Cross: Grace is still involved with serving the homeless. We are just now partnering with Holy Cross. This year’s dates are:
  • October 2nd 
  • October 30th 
  • November 27th 
  • December 25th (Christmas Day)

  • House Church: Mid City-Gather for fellowship and prayer on Tuesdays @ 5:30 at City Roots Coffee. Contact Joseph or Carl for more information.

  • 2023 Easter Theology Conference: April 28-29th. Friday evening and Saturday. James Hawkins, LPC, PhD will be leading us in a training on how to have conversations about race that heal instead of divide. Based on the marriage therapy model of EFT, Dr. Hawkins trains groups and individuals how to engage in constructive dialogue around the emotionally sensitive topic of racial healing. This conference is not just about the acquisition of information, but we will be trained on how to actually have these dialogues. You can learn more about Dr. Hawkins by clicking here.

  • Fourth Quarter Member’s Meeting & Potluck: October 9th. We will have our last member’s meeting of the year on October 9th. Bring a side dish. Grace will provide the chicken. Look out for another email to members with the agenda.

  • Joni & Friends: There is a Barnyard Dance on October 29th in Port Allen. We have been invited to attend. This is a great way to connect and form relationships with the disabled in our community. There is nothing you have to bring or do, other than just show up! Click here to view a flyer. 

  • Advent Emotional Health Conference: December 3rd, Dr. Steele will return to lead us through a conversation on spiritual & congregational abuse. We will meet @ 9:00AM in the Grace Auditorium. We will consider the following:
    1. The Pain: What spiritual and congregation abuse is and what it looks like.
    2. The Way Out: How to prevent abuse and how to heal abuse.

    3. The Hope: And what a healthy pastor and healthy congregation might look like. 

  • The Story Behind Our Kenyan Prayer: I found the story of our Kenyan Prayer on this website. Which has an entire Kenyan Eucharistic Service written out and it is RICH, if you like that sort of thing. Here’s the story: “This [blessing] is based on an ancient litany of the nomadic Turkana ethnic group, from the north of Kenya. Its foundation as a curse on their enemies has been transformed into a blessing. Traditionally the Turkana, with a dramatic sweep of their arms to the west, would send all their problems, difficulties, and works of evil to the Karamajong, a nomadic ethnic group in what is now Uganda. When a group of Turkana who had migrated southwards became Christians, their Kenyan evangelist stressed Jesus’ call to love our enemies and suggested that instead of sending those things to the Karamajong they should send them to the setting sun [though still westward] . . . During the Provincial Liturgical Conference theologians from the dioceses in the west of Kenya complained, ‘Well, no wonder we are having problems; you are sending them all to us.’ A revision was called for. Since it began as a curse, curses in the New Testament were considered. In Galatians 3:13 Paul, writing about the cross, stated that ‘Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us.’ Therefore the revised blessing replaced the phrase ‘to the setting sun’ with ‘to the cross of Christ’ and the phrase ‘on the risen sun’ with ‘on the risen Christ.’ This has proved to be a very powerful end to the services as the people three times sweep their arms towards the cross, the only place in heaven and on earth which can cope with all our problems, difficulties, and the devil’s works. The physical sensation of movement, and the whole congregation joining in with it, are finally very moving.”
    -Graham Kings, Offerings, p. 25.

Old News

Church Calendar

Church Calendar

Dear Grace, Briefly, below is a link to our congregation's calendar, which I update regularly. Click on events to see details. For lagniappe to the new year, here's practical wisdom to steward time: if it's not on the calendar it won't happen; Sunday morning...

Joseph Bible Story

Joseph Bible Story

All are welcome and invited to study the Joseph narrative (Genesis 37-50). A story replete with lies, deceit, dysfunction, forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation. Sundays at 9:30 in the Grace Fellowship Hall  Led by Cynthia Townsend